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About Oorwin

What is Oorwin? 

Oorwin is one of the best talent acquisition software used to streamline recruitment processes in organizations. It is powered by artificial intelligence to innovate the workflow and ease it for the users. This talent acquisition software reduces the hiring cycle and the expenses involved in the process. Recruitment teams can source high quality candidates at much faster pace as Oorwin offers features to assess the potential of candidates. This software integrates with various online job boards and vendor management systems for higher outreach to candidates.

Oorwin offers increase in quality hiring as the AI-powered system assesses the candidate on all possible parameters. It also builds a robust database that assists recruitment teams to manage resumes from al the channels seamlessly. Recruiters can place different job requirements on portals and collect and sort CVs based on job profiles. Oorwin declutters a lot of manual work resulting in saving a lot of valuable time. 

What makes Oorwin unique?

Oorwin talent acquisition software helps automate office activities with the help of an AI system. The software also uses the AI system to perform a host of other activities as well. It includes managing contacts with all the details efficiently. Users can manage all the recruits and create a report card to assess their performance for self-view. Oorwin is designed for doing heavy work with high efficiency. 

Features of Oorwin Talent Acquisition Software:

Here are a few features of Oorwin Talent Acquisition Software listed below for quick acquaintance: 

  1. Robust databasing of resumes
  2. Contact management 
  3. Accounts management 
  4. Resume Harvesting 
  5. AI-based candidate matching and parsing 
  6. Bulk mails and testing 
  7. Job boards and VMS integrations 
  8. Digital onboarding 
  9. Intelligent resume and JD parser 
  10. AI candidate search and match 
  11. Ai-based candidate ranking

Pricing of Oorwin 

The price for Oorwin talent acquisition manager starts at Rs. 1008/- per month

Sold By : Oorwin

Get Oorwin support 29 Chatting right now

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Oorwin Features

This software saves all important user documents in the system and ensures quick accessibility when needed.
Users can create email templates for different purposes and work accordingly. 
This talent acquisition software enables expense tracking for hiring processes. 
Assess the performance of candidates applied for hiring process instantly and rank them for better visibility. 
Organizations can use Oorwin talent acquisition software for recruitment of new employees. 
Oorwin Talent Management Software saves all the contact details of the employee seamlessly. 
The AI system of Oorwin saves all the resume under a comprehensive listing system for easier retrieval. 
Users can interact through emails and text messages to people in real-time. 
Integrate Oorwin with all the job portals online and place the job requirements. After that, collect resumes from every job opening separately. 

Get Oorwin support29 Chatting right now

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Oorwin Specifications


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Oorwin FAQs

Oorwin is available for both Android and iPhone platforms.
Techjockey offers demo for Oorwin, please request a call to avail it.
Oorwin has an in-built ticketing-based support system.
Oorwin talent acquisition management software offers integrable options with various CRM, sales, and HR management software.
All the data you feed with Oorwin is saved on the cloud.

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