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About Opmantek Nmis

What is Opmantek NMIS?

Opmantek NMIS is an intelligent network monitoring tool that helps businesses with IT audit and network management. It is used by over one lakh thirty thousand organizations worldwide. Opmantek NMIS allows users to build a secure network devoid of any threat infestation and security breach. It uses a strong firewall and in-built VPNs to protect the IT infrastructure and helps reduce the downtime. 

Opmantek NMIS network management software addresses various operational challenges faced by medium to large companies to manage their IT infrastructure. The software runs network performance analysis to check the efficiency of the network.

Opmantek NMIS enables users to scheme network diagrams and maps to design a network. It allows users to manage all the maps through various dashboards in the network monitoring system.

What features does Opmantek NMIS offer?

Here is a comprehensive list of features offered by Opmantek NMIS:

  1. Network diagrams and maps
  2. Interactive dashboards and detailed graphs
  3. Fault and performance data monitoring
  4. Tailored business policies
  5. Visible operational impact
  6. Automated and scheduled reporting
  7. IT auditing and configuration

Why is Opmantek NMIS trusted so much in the industry?

Opmantek NMIS offers an open-source service that leaves no place for any doubt with regards to theft or misuse of the user data. It allows organizations to create their personal IT platform and operate smoothly. This is the reason why some of the biggest security giants like US Air Force and Raytheon use Opmantek NMIS to secure their network. This network management software allows users to make device performance assessments to optimize the output and health of individual devices.


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Opmantek Nmis Features

This network monitoring solution can be scaled progressively as the company grows.
The software allows IT companies to track the usage of their network and all the devices connected to it.
 It takes short time to setup and deploy for IT companies to get started.
 IT enterprises can create a business rules engine for streamlined operation according to personal guidelines.
Opmantek NMIS enables IT teams to assess the performance of their network along with the devices connected to it.
Companies can configure the network settings in real-time. It removes the delay caused by network configurations and improves the workflow.
The software allows users to monitor their network in real-time.
This network monitoring solution generates automated reports on network activities.
Users of Opmantek NMIS take lesser time to learn how to use it because of its simple user interface.

Get Opmantek Nmis  support28 Chatting right now

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Opmantek Nmis Specifications


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Opmantek Nmis FAQs

Techjockey provides a demo for Opmantek NMIS. Please request a call get the demo scheduled.
With your purchase of the Opmantek NMIS, you will receive a walkthrough PDF document that will provide you the basic details.
You can integrate any system in Opmantek NMIS according to your requirements, including email.
Any device connected to the network, be it PC or mobile phones can be monitored seamlessly.
No prior knowledge of coding is required for using the features of Opmantek NMIS.

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