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Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite

Sold by : Ozonetel Systems


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About Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite

What is Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite

Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite is a cloud-based phone service solution provider that is predominantly used by SMEs. It is completely cost-effective and requires zero rental, which means that you get to enjoy full talktime value. The software allows users to integrate with SMS and Email - the two most used tools for following up on calls. You can instantly organize your customer calls according to your business needs by using Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite PBX solution.

This IVR software is able to track and log every call for future references, store call recordings systematically and scale up or scale down operations easily as per your business needs. The software helps in optimizing the performance of your sales team, hence boosting customer satisfaction rates and the overall sales. Additionally, you can improve your performance by monitoring over 40 insightful analytics reports of agents’ call handling approaches.

How does Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite work?

Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite requires zero fixed costs and does not need any hardware or software. You can get started with it in a matter of minutes through the following steps:

  1. Choosing Your Phone Number: Users get the option to choose from a set of toll-free numbers present in the software or may opt for local phone numbers. You can also use an existing phone number for the purpose.
  2. Setup IVR: Next, the users can log in simply and set up their IVR within minutes. Henceforth, they can add a menu to route calls to the right callers and the right departments.
  3. Kickstart: Finally, users can answer the calls of their customers on mobile devices and login to Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite to view call reports and recordings, and analyze them accordingly.

Pricing of Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite

The pricing of Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite is exclusively available on the request of customers. You are requested to get in touch with our sales team through the “request a callback” option on our website. 

How can users grab more business opportunities by using Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite?

Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite comes equipped with readymade solutions that offer cost-effective calling solutions. With this IVR software solution, customers can connect with agents even if they are not at their desks. The software makes a queue for the customers if the lines are busy so that everyone gets a chance to speak to the customer support team. Since every call is logged, you can see the ones that got disconnected in the queue and get back to them accordingly. Using Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite, one can also get SMS alerts for the calls that remain unanswered.

Compatibility of Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite

Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite has both desktop as well as mobile versions. It runs exclusively on Windows desktops.

Sold By : Ozonetel Systems

Get Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite support 37 Chatting right now

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Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite Features

The software provides integration with Zoho, Zendesk, Salesforce, and others, for smooth business functionalities and reduction in response times.
Users can access advanced call controls such as mute or conference through Ozonetel. It also provides a call queuing feature for the customers.
You can manage SLAs better by monitoring the call queues of customers in real-time, which ensures that you don’t miss out on probable business opportunities.
The software has a special feature of Warm Transfer that is used to route calls to the supervisor or the appropriate department as per the solutions required by the customers.
Users can easily record calls for future purposes and track call recordings to train the agents and monitor their performances.
Ozonetel uses AI-based speech analytics to extract information and gauge performances of agents in real-time. This helps in an effective call centre management and also enhances customer satisfaction.
Ozonetel provides a robust and flexible outbound solution that helps in improving agents’ productivity and automating the tasks of employees.
This feature of the software helps collect feedback from employees, connect callers to the right agents for both inbound and outbound campaigns and capture every call.
Since the software comes equipped with a call queuing feature, it makes sure that you don’t miss out any call(s), which are probable leads. Even if some calls might get disconnected, you can get back to them easily.
Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite uses the Automatic Call Distribution Logic to perform call routing. This helps in the automatic routing of calls to the right agents and at the right time.
The open APIs of Ozonetel support integration with custom systems and self-service configuration.
This feature of the software helps in generating agent productivity reports, and depicting average talk times, first call resolution and other such stuff.
The outgoing call tracking tool of Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite is essentially useful in calling prospective leads and recording the calls, thus increasing the marketing ROI of businesses.

Get Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite support37 Chatting right now

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Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite Specifications


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Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite FAQs

A. This feature is used by call centre agents to greet customers and offer them menus, such as “Dial 1 for Sales”, etc.
A. The live monitoring tools present in Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite hels in the management of call queues and tracking of agent performances in real-time.
A. You can use pre-built insightful reports and live monitoring dashboards to ensure comprehensive call monitoring.
A. You can use the Ozonotel mobile app that is readily available to work from home uninterruptedly.
A. Yes, Techjockey provides live demo of Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite as per your chosen date and time.

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