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About PayDay

What is PayDay?

PayDay payroll management software helps companies manage salary calculation and generation for the entire workforce. This payroll management system tracks the time and attendance for salary computation. Companies can setup the guidelines and payroll policies in PayDay and the software will start computation accordingly. It also allows payroll managing teams to categorize employees based on their role in the organization for timely salary generation.

PayDay enables organizations to set both hourly-based payments for contractors and salaried employees for easy calculation. For hour-based payroll, the software calculates salary for the contractual employees by simply multiplying the hourly wage by the number of hours worked in a day. On the other hand, for salaried employees, the gross payment is salary per duration (usually month). 

What type of payroll deductions does PayDay payroll management software help with?

The payroll deduction in PayDay include: 

  1. Federal income taxes 
  2. Dental insurance
  3. State income taxes 
  4. Withholding of local taxes 
  5. Health insurance 
  6. Social security taxes 
  7. Charitable contributions 
  8. Garnishments

What are some key PayDay payroll management software features? 

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by PayDay: 

  1. Attendance automation
  2. Payroll calculation for both salaried and contractual employees 
  3. IT deductions 
  4. Time sheet management 
  5. Payroll processing 
  6. Automated incorporation of claims and deductibles 

What is the price of PayDay Payroll management system? 

The price of PayDay may vary based on the number of employees, the nature of their salary, etc. Please request a call back. Our sales experts will guide you further.

Sold By : Sai Touch Solutions

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PayDay Features

The software keeps a record of employees’ time and attendance for accurate salary calculation.
PayDay calculates the salary of your workforce based on their hiring type and attendance.
Salary calculations made by PayDay are already accounted for all kinds of tax and company deductibles.
The software helps process salaries faster and with accuracy.

Get PayDay support37 Chatting right now

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PayDay Specifications


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PayDay FAQs

PayDay automates attendance functions through biometric integration.
PayDay is a web-based application that easily accessible through an internet browser on PC.
This payroll management software saves all the employee information on cloud.
Techjockey provides a demo before purchase for PayDay. Please request a call and get your demo scheduled at the preferred date and time.
No, PayDay is not available for smartphone yet.

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