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About Peoplesoft

What is PeopleSoft?

Oracle PeopleSoft is an e-business software product line, using which businesses get access to a wide variety of products like Human Capital Management, Project Portfolio Management, Financial Management, Campus Solutions, Inventory Management and more. From streamlining recruitment, filtering criteria for event workbench to checking for compliance and creating a link between employee training and key organizational initiatives, companies can manage them all.

The 360-degree HR HelpDesk View offered by the software allows the HR teams to get a complete view of their employee’s current payroll, daily attendance, health conditions and all other necessary information. Companies can also increase the performance of their employees by creating strategic learning processes for them.

How is the Candidate Gateway offered by PeopleSoft helpful for the organizations?

With the Candidate Gateway feature, organizations can define their candidate’s experience as per their set rules and regulations. It helps the organizations in managing their applicants in the following ways:

  1. Organizations can design a personalized homepage for monitoring job search-related activities. Applicants can manage their profiles, applications, saved jobs, resumes and notifications within the centralized platform.
  2. Employees, managers and applicants can keep track of recent job openings in real-time and take actions for the ones which meet their requirements.
  3. Internal applicants can get access to existing information the moment they start creating their resumes. External applicants can enter their data from scratch.
  4. Within the Candidate Gateway, applicants can enter, review and update their resumes from time to time.
  5. Candidate Gateway offered by the software is compatible with the European and U.S. applicant diversity requirement standards.
  6. Applicants can review their job applications and interview schedule and go for online documentation procedures. Further, they can accept or reject job offers directly from the home page.

Pricing of PeopleSoft

The pricing of PeopleSoft is available as per the request of the interested buyers. You can send in a callback request. Our software experts will get back to you shortly.

Compatible Platforms for PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix operated devices. It also offers three different types of mobile applications that are compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Benefits of PeopleSoft

  1. Employee Self-Service: With PeopleSoft’s configurable Employee Self-Service portal, employees can find relevant information and adequate solutions to their problem. They can also generate cases and communicate with the company’s HR agents as per their requirements. The Employee Self-Service Portal features a customizable dashboard, where employees can add Quick Links, FAQs, HR Shortcuts, Known Issues and other sections as per their requirement.
  2. Catalog Management: Admins can generate template-based learning catalogs that offer system default and field mapping support for AICC, SCORM and XML standards. They can also preview the loaded data before making them accessible to the users enrolled in their learning communities. Learners and managers can enroll themselves or their team members within a published learning module.
  3. Supplier Contract Management: The supplier contract system offered by PeopleSoft is integrated with three sources of information such as Procurement Contracts, Purchase Orders and Strategic Outsourcing events. Companies can author RFx contract documents that offer comprehensive support related to approvals, collaboration and lifecycle tracking.
  4. Integrating Third-Party Event Notification: The third party event notification integration offered by the software offers a wide variety of tools, facilitating eventful communication between third-party bid management systems and PeopleSoft’s strategic outsourcing requirements.


Get Peoplesoft support 21 Chatting right now

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Peoplesoft Features

The e-business software line offers flexible functionality, easy enhancements and innovative features.  
By using PeopleSoft, users get access to user-friendly learning applications that can be integrated with their talent management processes.  
PeopleSoft offers HR-based multichannel engagement support, 360-degree view of employee activities and comprehensive user experience over HCM applications and HR HelpDesk.
PeopleSoft offers adequate support for human resource management, financial and supply chain management, customer relationship management and enterprise performance management.
The service is equipped with a talent acquisition manager of its own, facilitating flexible processing, recruiter dashboard and enhanced routing options.
The software helps you save time, increase productivity, predict workload-related requirements, track employees’ absence and enhance sales service functionality.
The service provides organizations the excellence and power in a single repository to configure key performance indicators that are backed by labor-related data like payroll, employee benefits, etc.
The administration tool helps admins to perform various system management tasks such as monitoring performance, configure service, customize security troubleshoot and more. 
The service helps in determining the absence accruals, predicting eligibility for past, recent and future absence events. Users also get access to a superior ownership experience by conveying a highly integrated and configurable solution.

Get Peoplesoft support21 Chatting right now

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Peoplesoft FAQs

A. Users get access to a comprehensive internet-based sourcing solution, can create sourcing events, segregate duties, collect digital signatures, RFx capabilities and more.
A. Users get access to end-to-end talent acquisition, guided experience and seamless integration with HR.
A. Yes, you can get an online demo of Oracle PeopleSoft. Product experts will get back to you as per your mentioned time schedule.
A. Yes, PeopleSoft does support blended learning procedures including webcasts and eLearning, degree, certification and curriculum programs, instructor-led courses, on the job training and self-paced classes, etc.
A. PeopleSoft offers three different types of mobile applications like PeopleSoft Mobile Approvals, Mobile Expenses and Mobile eProcurement. These apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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