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About Perfex

What is Perfex?

Perfex is a customer relationship management software designed to track leads and increase the customer base of the business. This CRM software enables sales teams to not only generate leads from their ad campaigns, but also schedule their contact and follow-ups. The software assists in creation of a pipeline view of the sales procedure for efficient management of leads. It also helps managers to oversee the workflows of the employee and evaluate their performance.

What features does Perfex offer?

Perfex offers numerous beneficial features to track, generate, and manage leads, and convert them into customers. Here is a quick look at some of the features that Perfex offers: 

  1. Project Management Tool
  2. One Click Invoice generation
  3. Estimate Generation
  4. Generating Proposals
  5. Lead Management
  6. Record Expenses
  7. Record Payments
  8. Awesome Support System
  9. Knowledge Bank For Customers and Staff Members
  10. In-Built Staff Tasks
  11. Contract Management
  12. Survey Management
  13. Task Calendar
  14. Company Newsfeed
  15. Survey Reports

What is the price of Perfex? 

Perfex SRM software is available in two different packages; they are: 

  1. Perfex – Rs. 4220/- with six months support
  2. Perfex – Rs. 5665/- with year long support

For more inquiries regarding the software, price, et cetera; please request a call. Our sales team will get back to you and help you make an informed decision.

Sold By : Perfex CRM

Get Perfex support 33 Chatting right now

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Perfex Features

Organizations can run ad campaigns and create a separate projects to track their outcome.
The software generates invoices and bills for every transaction with a single click.
Perfex CRM software integrates with the ongoing APIs of the organization and generate leads.
This feature provides detailed insights into sales expenses and trace ROI on investments.
Perfex CRM software integrates with payment gateways for efficient collection of payment on sales.
This CRM software offers feature to save and update contacts from the leads generated by the software.
Perfex CRM software offers calendar to manage all the tasks done by sales team efficiently. It schedules all the tasks and, in the process, streamlines the entire sales procedure.
This feature allows employees to stay updated on all the company events and notices. It acts as an online notice board for the company.
Managers can assign tasks to sales team and assess their performance by checking how they are completing the goals.
The software generates reports and offers comprehensive insights into the operations.

Get Perfex support33 Chatting right now

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Perfex Specifications


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Perfex FAQs

Yes, you can do that, but you will not be able to use several benefits like, dropbox file chooser, auto updates, media, online payments, E-Signature, etc.
You have to buy the software to get the purchase key. Please schedule a call or send an email at support@techjockey.com to purchase the software.
Go to the ‘Setup’ section in the menu and click on the ‘Settings’ option. You will see ‘PDF’ option, click it and check on ‘YES’ for ‘Swap Company/Customer Details’
These are the vital server requirements for Perfex CRM: - PHP 5.6.4+ (PHP 7.1+ recommended) - MySQL 5.1+ - mod_rewrite Apache - MySQLi PHP Extension - PDO PHP Extension - cURL PHP Extension - OpenSSL PHP Extension - MBString PHP Extension - iconv PHP Extension - IMAP PHP Extension - GD PHP Extension - Zip PHP Extension - allow_url_fopen enabled
Navigate your cursor to ‘Setup’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Finance’ and then a dialog box will open that will have two options: - Delete estimate allowed only on last estimate - Decrement estimate number on delete Click ‘No’ on both of them and save.

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