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About Planplus Online

What is PlanPlus Online?

PlanPlus Online is a planning and CRM solution. It is based on the Franklin Covey planning methodology and allows SMEs as well as individuals to utilize the traditional CRM functionality with a flexible SaaS foundation. This helps effectively track sales, and thereby, manage business processes efficiently. The planning tools of Franklin Covey are directly built into the CRM tool, allowing the customers to use them. The software is known for its foundation and ability to deliver Enterprise 2.0 CRM for SMBs. It uses a Java-based service-oriented platform that enables the companies to customize their transactions to suit their business requirements.

What is Online Planner in PlanPlus Online?

Online Planner is an efficient digital planner used by the leaders and employees of an organization. This includes all the essential productivity features such as task and contact management, taking down daily notes and other planning features. It helps in exploring one’s mission with full productivity. Online Planner comes with a native mobile app that syncs with Google and Outlook. This helps in weekly planning, identifying tasks and values and setting up tasks. The software assists in prioritizing daily task lists by rolling forward the incomplete ones to the following day. 

You can create goals, identify the steps to be followed and drag and drop them to the calendar and task list. Users can create a visual reminder with Vision board features such as tagline, goals, habits, etc. The calendar of the application helps one to stay connected by colour-coded appointment categories, recurring appointments, etc. You can also assign tasks to your external contacts through email. The software’s Chrome extension allows one to add new tasks from any tab and mark items as complete without opening the app.

How PlanPlus Online Help Plan & Organize?

PlanPlus Online allows any organization to organize, prioritize and focus. The software combines a productivity methodology with its powerful CRM platform. It creates a common place for all CRM operations and team collaboration over the cloud. This CRM software is able to work without any internet connection. The software sends reminders on the home page or via email to one’s customers. 

All CRM operations get organized into a single prioritized list to increase sales. A user-friendly dashboard helps gather sales opportunities that need to be tapped. Users can get detailed reports on the sales target vs. the actual goal attainment. The software assists your customers with its wonderful and creative project management, time tracking of tasks and helps to see the progress from any place in the world. Users can automate sales and marketing in one system and effectively manage leads in a single place by creating a scalable sales system.

Pricing of PlanPlus Online

There are 3 pricing plans available for PlanPlus Online. These are:

  1. Essentials: This plan comes for Rs. 888/- per month.
  2. Professional: The professional plan comes for Rs. 2146/- a month.
  3. CRM: This plan is valued at Rs. 3626/- per month.

Why Opt for the Professional Edition of PlanPlus Online Software?

Professional Edition of PLanPlus software that is a combination of excellent online calendar and a sales CRM system for increased productivity. You can organize all professional and personal responsibilities with this planning system. It can track sales opportunities, create quotes and create pipeline reports. 

You can easily automate important sales processes to boost productivity. All the commonly used sales responses are made into email templates using this software. Users can synchronize their data with popular platforms such as Outlook, Google or iOS. This professional edition effectively includes calendar, tasks, contacts, etc.

Comparison With Other Best CRM For Sales Lead Management

Planplus Online vs Grahaak CRM

Sold By : Complete XRM

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Planplus Online Features

This effectively manages every aspect of a business such as calendaring, weekly planning, task delegation and management, sales forecasting, etc.  
 The software is available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. It enables you to sync your online data to the phone’s native storage in “offline” mode.
The software makes tracking of tasks and prioritizing them comfortable with the ABC-123 system. It lets you prioritize tasks, forward them to the current day, drag and drop them to the calendar and quickly prioritize wizard.
Users can identify weekly values, review mission statements and roles. One can also create goals, identify the immediate steps to follow up on them, followed by dragging and dropping them to his or her task list or calendar.
One can link contacts to organizations for opportunities and leads, followed by classification and categorization. You can also save emails, calls, appointments and contacts in contact history.
You can create your business goals, identify the immediate steps for implementation of the same and drag and drop them to the task list or calendar.
Calendaring feature of the software lets you drag and drop your tasks to appointments, categorize them by colouring, set appointment alerts and reminders and invite your external contacts to the appointments through email.
As you have full control over who has access to the data records and since everything is stored over the cloud, ensuring security, the software helps you stay motivated.
Users can manage their contacts, take down daily notes, organize tasks and contacts through this softwares
You can assign your tasks to external contacts through email. The feedback from the delegated task gets updated to your PlanPlus Online Account. Customers do not need to have an account with the software.  

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Planplus Online Specifications


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Planplus Online FAQs

A. PlanPlus Online comes with an inbuilt feature of calendaring that lets you drag and drop all your tasks to appointments, colour them based on categories and set appointment reminders and alerts.
A. The software is completely cloud-based that means your data is accessible anywhere, anytime till there is an internet connection. Your critical data is completely secure and safely backed up.
A. PlanPlus Online lets users assign their tasks to their external contacts via email. The feedback collected gets updated to the PlanPlus Online Account of the user. The recipient does not need to have any account with the software.
A. Users can link their contacts with organizations for opportunities and leads, followed by categorizing and classifying them. One can also save emails, calls and appointments in the contact history.
A. The software easily tracks tasks and prioritizes them using the ABC-123 system already inbuilt. One can prioritize his or her tasks, forward them to the current day and drag and drop them to the calendar.

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