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About PA Server Monitor

Whats is PA Server Monitor?

PA Server Monitor is a single pane, distributed server monitoring solution that offers a wide variety of tools and services. Users can monitor remote servers across the internet and firewalls. The SNAP Tunnels offered by the software helps its users send data across remote networks in a safe and secure way. Moreover, with PA Server Monitor, users get access to an action scheduler that helps them in automating their common IT-related tasks as it operates on the actions that are specified by the user. The software also allows the admins to control the access rights assigned to individual users, to ensure that their data is in safe hands. Users can backup their data using the server backup option offered by the software.

Finally, PA Server solution for small business sends in real-time alerts to its users notifying them about any unidentified changes within their servers. 

How is the Performance Counter Monitor of PA Server Monitor helpful for its users?

The Performance Counter Monitor offered by the software keeps track of all the performance counters that are being displayed by the Windows Perfmon tool. Users get to monitor the current state of multiple systems and drivers that update their running status through the performance counters. Further, users can select the counters that they want to monitor. Once a counter is added for monitoring purposes, the target server attached to it gets queried as well. Most importantly, servers that are monitored by satellites also get queried as per their counter lists.

Pricing of PA Server Monitor

The pricing of PA Server Monitor is available as per your business needs. You can send us a callback request if you want to use this server solution. Our team will get back to you with a dedicated server solution price. 

Compatible Platforms for PA Server Monitor

PA Server Monitor is compatible with the Windows and Linux-based operating systems. It has a dedicated mobile app, that is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

What are the benefits of using PA Server Monitor?

  1. Send SMS Text Message Action: The software sends in alerts to its user’s mobiles in the form of text messages by using the Send SMS Text Message Action (SMPP) server gateway. 
  2. Active Directory Change: PA Server Monitor keeps a track of the changes, creation and deletion of any objects within the active directory of its user’s system.
  3. Bandwidth Monitor: Users can monitor bandwidths, broadcasts and keep a check on network error counts within Windows performance counters and SNMP-based devices as well.
  4. Directory Quota Monitor: The directory Quota Monitor within the software keeps track of the directory’s size and sends in alerts to users when the size exceeds a specified limit. Users also get access to detailed reports via email, allowing them to diagnose the exact problem.
  5. Environment Monitor: PA Server Monitor integrates with an Esensors EM01b Websensor over the Local Area Network to monitor the current temperature, luminescence and humidity levels. It sends real-time notifications to users in case anything exceeds the specified levels. Further, users also get access to historical reports using which they can make comparisons between multiple situations.
  6. Event Validator Monitor: The event validator monitor within PA Network Monitor keeps track of specific events including successful backups, updates of antivirus files and more. The software tracks them and sends in emergency alerts in case they go missing.
  7. Database Monitor: The database monitor keeps track of individual databases at regular intervals to ensure that they are in proper conditions. It monitors the transaction log size of each database and notifies users in case any database gets added or deleted from their servers.

Sold By : Power Admin

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PA Server Monitor Features

Users can monitor the servers set across multiple locations. They can also monitor the temperature of a particular server.
The solution offers a variety of server monitoring tools and resources, enabling users to monitor servers in an efficient manner.
With PA Server Monitor’s event log feature, users can monitor multiple event logs within the system, such as, Security, Standard Application, System Logs and more.
Users can add in the drive that they want to monitor and specify their individual alert threshold. They can also monitor volume mounted folders from other servers.
Users can monitor servers in a distributed way without depending on agents to monitor each server.
PA Server Monitor offers dedicated server reports along with historic stats, group summaries and uptime reports. All reports can be viewed via HTTP and can be protected by passwords.
The software stops monitoring the server during scheduled Windows maintenance and resumes once the process is over.

Get PA Server Monitor  support35 Chatting right now

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PA Server Monitor Specifications


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PA Server Monitor FAQs

The Inventory Collector includes all inventory-related information like hardware’s condition, server storage, the status of antivirus and windows updates from multiple sources like SNM, WMI and optional system details applications.
Yes, you can monitor all the IMAP, POP3 and SMTP mail servers and ensure that they are accepting and running all incoming connections using the dedicated server hosting software.
Yes, you can send us a demo request for PA Server Monitor. Our executives will connect with you as per your preferable date and time.
The Dynamic Server List is a group of servers that fits in the criteria defined by the users. The list can be used to define dynamic groups and use them in proper ways.
Yes, there is a PA Server Monitor app for Android and iOS-based mobile devices.

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