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About Q Sender

What is Q Sender? 

Q Sender is a WhatsApp marketing software for Indian businesses. It allows users to create and broadcast personalized messages to the users with precision. This WhatsApp marketing software enables users to communicate with customers directly and create a brand value.  It can be used for varying purposes and businesses. E.g., E-commerce traders can use it for product promotion, Gym owners can use it to broadcast new subscription packages to attract customers, etc. 

WhatsApp allows users to add up to 256 contacts only. However, Q Sender whatsapp bulk sender software bypasses this barrier and also empowers users to send messages without getting blacklisted. It is a smartly designed, robust and reliable software for organizations to work hassle-free. 

Who are the targeted users of Q Sender? 

Here is a shortlist of the type of organizations that can use Q Sender WhatsApp marketing software: 

  1. Stock Brokers
  2. Tax Authorities
  3. Online yellow page services 
  4. Courier Services
  5. E-Commerce
  6. Transportation Industry
  7. Passport Offices
  8. Offices
  9. Hospitals
  10. NGOs

What is the price of Q Sender? 

Q Sender price starts from ₹ 1,900/-, the price can vary based upon customer requirements. For further inquiries, please request a call and our sales team will connect with you shortly. 

Sold By : Bikana Solution

Get Q Sender support 24 Chatting right now

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Q Sender Features

 Q Sender allows users to send text messages en masse. It also enables users to send personalized messages. 
In case users face any troubles during operating software, they can contact customer support through email or phone 24/7. 
The software provides feature to save all the contact details with phone numbers. It includes names, birth dates, email address business-oriented information, etc. 
Q Sender facilitates users to manage email addresses of all the contacts seamlessly. Users can also send emails through the system.
 Q Sender consistently monitors the campaigns and analyse their efficiency. 
This WhatsApp marketing sending software generates reports on marketing campaigns over the analytics it performs. 
Marketing and Sales teams can use this software to run advertisement campaigns to promote their product. 
USP of Q Sender is that it can be used by sales teams to track their leads via text messages.   
This WhatsApp marketing sending software supports all the major local languages in India for ease in business operability. It supports – Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Odiya, etc.

Get Q Sender support24 Chatting right now

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Q Sender Specifications


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Q Sender FAQs

A. No, Q Sender does not require mobile phones for access. This software is only operable on PCs.
A. Q Sender uses cloud-based data storage solutions
A. Q Sender is a web-based software that works on web browser. Hence, there are no mandatory system requirements for smooth operations.
A. This WhatsApp marketing sending software is only available as yearly-based subscription software.

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