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About Quickbill

What is QuickBill?

QuickBill is a powerful point of sale billing software, that manages all the retail operations within a store or any distributor location. Starting from tracking items in the inventories, making digital payments for GST filings to checking the business growth, QuickBill does it all. Its seamless integration with GST helps users keep track of their businesses and make wise decisions that nurture business growth in return.

QuickBill makes it easy for users to generate invoices and efficiently manage sales along with other business-related activities. The retail POS billing software stores data of users over the cloud and can be retrieved as per their requirements. This cloud management system also makes it easy for owners to manage stores across various locations within a city. It can work with or without the internet. Its SMS feature allows users to send invoices to their customers via a simple text message.

How has QuickBill simplified the whole sales transaction process for a business?

The software has simplified the whole sales transaction process by allowing users to-

  1. Select customers based on their name or mobile number.
  2. Automatically apply discounts on various items based on the preset discount criteria.
  3. Print in multiple types of printing formats like delivery challans and tokens.
  4. Accept multiple modes of payments. 
  5. Import data from Excel and CSV to the transaction screens. 

Pricing of QuickBill

The pricing of QuickBill is available as per the requirement of customers. If you are interested to use the services provided by the software, you can “request us a callback”. Our support team will get back to you with a more customized quote.

Compatible platforms of QuickBill

QuickBill is compatible with Windows 7 and higher versions and is available only in the desktop version.

Alternatives of QuickBill

Due to any reason, if you are not satisfied with the services provided by QuickBill, we have a list of alternative software for you as well.

  1. Prime Financial Accounting Software
  2. Acme Infinity
  3. Goodwill
  4. AlignBooks

What are the benefits of using QuickBill?

  1. Company management- The software allows users to manage multiple stores across various locations within the city. It also provides options to the users for controlling the timings for a day’s opening and closing.
  2. Data Management- QuickBill has an option for scheduled data backup to Google Drive. It also enables users to restrict unauthorized persons from accessing their data by enabling access rights. It allows bi-directional data synchronization between warehouses and retail branches of a business.
  3. Payment Modes- QuickBill supports multiple payment modes, thus helping users do business with multiple clients.
  4. Tax Management- The software has a flexible tax management system. It automatically calculates GST based on the tax rate definition. 
  5. Bills and Invoice Management- QuickBill provides a preview option to the users before they finally go for printing a bill. It also allows users to edit generated bills based on their access rights. 
  6. SMS- QuickBill enables users to send bill details to customers after generating bills. Users can also send SMS to a list of selected customers to inform them about any upcoming events in the store.

Sold By : QuickBill Solutions Limited.

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Quickbill Features

The software can be installed with just a single click. It gets automatically updated from time to time and has a friendly user interface.
QuickBill automatically calculates the GST return amount of the user based on the GST rules set by the government. It also helps users prepare GST invoices.
With the software, users can generate bills at a faster rate irrespective of the business size.
The software is fully compatible with barcode devices and allows users to scan QR codes of their products using them for easy identification.
QuickBill keeps track of the items stored within the inventories of any business. By this way, a user gets to manage the stock in an efficient manner.
QuickBill supports multiple payment modes, thus enabling users to accept payments from various customers easily.
The software provides provisions to its users to generate fixed and variable item-level discounts.
QuickBill provides flexible tax management options to its users. It enables them to calculate taxes even at the transaction level.
The software provides detailed reports to its users based on accounts transactions, ledger and master listing and other user-defined business parameters.
With QuickBill, users can classify between items in a unique way based on size, colour and price. They can also create discounts on fixed and variable items based on certain parameters.
QuickBill maintains all the bills related to receipts and payments for reference. It also maintains a history of the cash deposits and withdrawals from banks along with interbank transfers. Users can even print cheques and design cheque layouts as per their requirements.
Users can electronically transfer the sales data of their business. They can also manage multiple add-ons in purchase and sales with the help of the software.
QuickBill has an advanced sales return feature where adjustment of sales happens between merchandise and a customer upon actual return made by the individual.
The software allows multi-user login. It also provides options to enable user wise access rights to protect valuable data.
QuickBill has a simple interface for its users that is intuitive as well as user-friendly.
QuickBill enables users to send bills, invoices, vouchers, etc. to their customers via SMS or Email.

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Quickbill FAQs

A. Yes, the software provides facility to its users where they are allowed to display images of items when a customer selects it or during the transaction.
A. The software has a search option, using which users can easily conduct a detailed search in order to navigate between any particular document or item.
A. Yes, Techjockey provides online demo for QuickBill software. If you are interested, you can send us a request.
A. ? RAM: 4GB or more ? Processor: 2.0 GHz or more. ? Hard Disk: 40 to 160 GB.
A. Unfortunately, QuickBill does not have a mobile app as it is supported exclusively on the desktop.

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