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Reaper Audio Editing Software

by : Reaper


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Brand: Reaper

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Reaper Audio Editing Software Overview

What is Reaper?

Reaper is a digital audio production software that offers MIDI recording and full multitrack audio, besides the normal functions of audio mixing, processing, editing and mastering. The software supports a number of plugins, hardware, and digital formats. These can be extended comprehensively, modified and scripted as per the needs of the users. This software finds extensive usage in the home and commercial studios, location recording, sound design, education and research, game development and many such places. Reaper provides automation, modulation, VCA, grouping, OSC, scripting, custom skin and layouts and more. The latest version of the software is Reaper 6.05.

How does Reaper Help in Recording?

The audio editing software lets a user record and dubs MIDI and audio efficiently. It supports a number of audio formats. You can record directly to any of them at any bit depth or sample rate. With Reaper, users can record multiple layers or tracks, punch in and out, and overdub or record in a loop. You don’t need to stop playback to record arm and disarm tracks. One can record directly to any file type such as multichannel, stereo or audio files, before and after-effects processing.

The software provides a tape-style varispeed playback and recording and allows you to record on multiple disks for scalability and redundancy. You can set up different monitor mixes with distinct FX processing and also monitor the inputs without depending on the software FX.

Pricing of Reaper

The cost of Reaper is completely customizable and available on-demand for customers. If you are interested, you can contact us through the “request a callback” option on our website. Our customer care team will provide you with the activation and license key to let you enjoy the rich benefits of the software. If you want a renewal of your chosen plan, feel free to contact us.

New updates in the Latest Version of Reaper?

Reaper comes with interesting updates in its latest version 6.05. Some of its new features are:

  1. DDP: The latest version allows you to remove redundant ISRC data, fix ISRC import, fix render and import when INDEX0 isn’t used. It is also used to fix .DAT media on particular installations.
  2. Default Theme: Users can fix the width control view that is inconsistent on 3.x pan mode.
  3. ARA: The software prevents lost edits when running any action to reduce multiple items at once and also during automatic backups. One can also prevent lost edits when an action that creates multiple splits is running in the newest version.
  4. MIDI Editor: Users can add an action to set custom colour maps on the per track basis instead of per media. Users can add options to add theme colour on selected note body or add an option during program name file loading to set up a new default theme.
  5. Navigation: This feature allows one to move back or forth one beat with certain tempos.
  6. Render: An individual can add support for secondary render formats like WAV, MP3, etc.
  7. TCP: This allows you to resize tracks without changing vertical zoom/track sizes.

Compatible Platforms of Reaper

Reaper is available only for the desktop version and runs on Windows.

Reaper Audio Editing Software Features

Performance evaluation

Audio Playback

File Rendering

Theme Customization

Control Panel

Track Wiring VIew

Easy menu changing facility.

MIDI Editor

Reaper Audio Editing Software Plans & Pricing

Reaper Audio Editing Software price is available on request

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Reaper Audio Editing Software Specifications

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  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • Media House
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  • English

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Reaper Audio Editing Software FAQ

A. Reaper is currently available only on the desktop version and supports Windows OS. So, unfortunately, it isn’t available in any mobile app versions.
A. FX plug-in lets you embed small versions of plug-ins into your tracks like ReaEQ, ReaFIR, etc. for better performance.
A. This feature allows you to edit and view your project routing by utilizing graphical patchbay emulation that is highly powerful.
A. Yes, you can request us for getting a live demo of your version of Reaper. You simply need to share a desired time and our technical experts will get back to you.
A. Users can always follow track selection or add native FaderPort v2 mode by virtue of the control surfaces feature of Reaper.

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