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About Sigma Real Estate Software

What is Sigma Real Estate Software? 

Sigma Real Estate Software is an IT solution designed to ease the daily task of property dealers. It has an in-built customer relationship management module that enables real estate managers to reach out to their customers and record their responses in the system. This real estate management software allows users to create a thorough directory of all the cases for their efficient tracking. Users can get automated reminders for follow-ups for contacting and pursuing the customers further. 

The software offers a storage function for real estate agents to save data such as property details, client info, transaction history, property classification, communication reports, etc. And users can print this data with the click of a button. This real estate management software covers all the operations that are required to run a property business.

Why Property Dealers use Sigma Real Estate Software? 

Sigma Real Estate Software enables property dealers to organize, track, and manage sales with simplicity. The real estate management solution is built for automation of daily tasks. It offers a multi-user system where property dealers get a self-service portal to manage their daily work such as calling, scheduling, meeting follow-ups, etc. For the sales outreach program, the software creates email campaigns that directly lead the prospects to specific landing pages. This helps increase online engagement with targeted customers and drives repeated and referral business. This property base back-agent solution integrates brokerage intranet and real estate transaction monitoring driven by regulatory compliance. 

What features does Sigma Real Estates Software offer? 

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Sigma Real Estates Software: 

  1. Calling 
  2. Lead Management 
  3. Deal Management 
  4. Sales Funneling 
  5. Workflow Automation 
  6. Contact Management 
  7. Process Management 
  8. Reports 
  9. Analytics 

What is the price of Sigma Real Estates Software? 

The price of Sigma Real Estate Software varies based on the modules required by the user. Please request a call for further info. 

Sold By : SigmaIT

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Sigma Real Estate Software Features

The software offers basic customer relationship management features for users to manage their sales. 
Keep a list of all the brokers and employees that work with the real estate company by providing self-service portal. 
This real estate management software allows users to save all the contact information of leads in the software. 
Real estate companies can start email marketing campaigns and track the leads generated from different channels. 
Agents and brokers can create sales funnel and track the client activity and progress effortlessly. 
The software provides sales forecasts based on lead behavior management and market analysis.
The software integrates all form communication management. It includes, calling, mailing, and texting. 
Sigma Real Estate Software generates reports on different aspects of real estate operations such as outreach, sales, lead conversion, etc. 

Get Sigma Real Estate Software support22 Chatting right now

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Sigma Real Estate Software Specifications


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Sigma Real Estate Software FAQs

Sigma Real Estate software is available for demo before purchase at Techjockey. Please request a call for scheduling the demo.
This real estate CRM supports windows and Mac operating systems.
There are no hardware or software requirements for Sigma Real Estate CRM as it is a web-based application which can be accessed through internet browser.
Sigma Real Estate solution saves all the user information on cloud. It also facilitates multi-user workability.
After you make the payment you will receive a mail from Techjockey to your registered email address with the license key and instructions.

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