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About Soapui Pro

What is Soapui Pro?

Soapui Pro is a software used for testing APIs, without accessing the detailed processing knowledge of Application Programming Interface. This software monitors API transactions, thereby, creating easy tests to help you get overall information about APIs. It takes away the burden of assimilating exhaustive information regarding the implementation of the Application Programming Interface. Therefore, the user can focus on building impactful test scenarios and boost the test coverage by linking useful data. Using this software, one can generate informative tests a well as refactor tests without any hassle.

How to Create and Execute Tests Using Soapui Pro?

Soapui Pro helps with the automation of API testing along with automation frameworks. Hence, it can be integrated with all types of automation frameworks including Chef, Jenkins, TFS, and Puppet. The user can use TFS by integrating a three-line command. It also generates reports from automated tests. Hence, it allows you to have complete control on the environmental parameters and helps execute automated tests on your choice of environment.

How Efficient is Soapui Pro?

The users can automatically connect API tests to their automation systems, which enables them to do quality checks on a regular basis. The software helps diagnose problems instantly due to a strong baseline and comparing capability. Apart from that, you can use external data sources to add extra power to Application Programming Interface testing. Once you have drafted the tests according to your needs, Soapui Pro allows you to manage test environment automatically as well as generates reports.

Pricing of Soapui Pro

The price of Soapui Pro varies based on usage and add-on features. 

  1. Fixed License - It is best for individual users, who create and run tests frequently. This plan levies a charge of Rs 46961.86 for a year.
  2. Floating License - For big teams who need flexible execution can opt for this plan starting at Rs 328447.94 for a year.

Further, there is a ready API plan for which the customer request a callback and talk to our experts.

Benefits of Soapui Pro

Soapui Pro to test API enables you to manage API transactions without any hassle. Within a few minutes, you can just install the software and get started. With the different plans available, you can choose the best one as per your requirement. Further, you can ensure if the API is working as per expected rules and can bear traffic or strain. You can also create mock tests to monitor the API behavior for your testing requirements.

Sold By : SOAPUI

Get Soapui Pro  support 28 Chatting right now

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Soapui Pro Features

This software enables easy property transfers and code-free functioning for testing API transactions. For continuous quality checks, you can connect your API tests to the automation system.
 The users can add extra power to their API testing by adding external data sources.
It comes with the smart responsive capability, which helps provide maximum test coverage by creating intelligent assertions.
 It comes with basic functionality testing for the users, which saves your time. By adding security scans to your tests, you can ensure that APIs are free from any kind of security vulnerability.
You can monitor the test results and track the overall performance of API from its simple and intuitive dashboard.

Get Soapui Pro  support28 Chatting right now

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Soapui Pro Specifications


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Soapui Pro FAQs

A. Yes, the users can start automated API tests by using this software, right after installing it. First, the user needs to create a new test on Soapui Menu or dashboard. Then, you can run the test to be assured that the test is configured properly.
A. Using the SoapUI Pro Command-Line Interface, one can integrate several popular tools including Jenkins, Microsoft Azure DevOps, TeamCity, ANT's, Hudson, Bamboo build, Apache Marven Project and TestRunner.
A. With a baseline, users can quickly diagnose problems and compare their capabilities. With three main screens, namely, History, Compare and Transaction Log, you can easily manage the test history data. While the Test History screen shows past test executions, the Compare screen lets you diagnose various failures from previous and current test runs. The Transaction Log screen, on the other hand, helps drill down the screenshots of the archived test runs into request and responses.
A. It is an automated software, which makes sure that the API is ready to run at a competitive pace.
A. The software adds security scans to the functional tests, which ensures that your APIs are free from any security vulnerability.

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