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About Spytech SentryPC

What is the Spytech SentryPC?

Spytech SentryPC is a top-notch employee desktop monitoring software. It is a completely online solution that allows managers to check their employees’ PC in real-time; in addition to that, it also allows managers to filter content, block websites and check their productive work hours. The software can also be used for domestic purposes. Parents can monitor the internet activity of their ward. Spytech SentryPC monitoring software allows users to restrict, control, and monitor the usage of PCs from remote location. It enables users to block specific programs, monitor the time spent on applications, and much more.

Spytech SentryPC employee desktop monitoring software solution helps organizations deal with critical information. Tech companies that are always in the process of developing new solutions are always on the risk of corporate espionage. This employee desktop live viewer helps managers monitor the PC of their employees for any unauthorized data transfer. 

Why users prefer to use Spytech SentryPC monitoring? 

Spytech SentryPC provides real-time visibility of all the PCs in an office network with a single click. It instantly records if any employee is trying to send a sensitive file or information out to an unknown party. Another great aspect of using Spytech SentryPC is that it helps in effective workforce utilization. The software monitors the time employees spend on non-work related websites such as e-commerce sites, etc. Managers can notify this to the concerned employees so that they can focus on their work during office hours.

Spytech SentryPC Employee Desktop Live Viewer Features

Here are some of the key features offered by Spytech SentryPC monitoring software:

  1. 24/7 remote access 
  2. Centralized access to multiple desktops 
  3. Real-time activity viewing and management 
  4. Two-factor authentication
  5. Alert logging 
  6. Clipboard logging 

What is the price of Spytech SentryPC employee desktop monitoring software? 

The price of Spytech SentryPC may vary as per the number of employees. You can request a call back and our sales team will help you with pricing details. 

Sold By : Spytech Software

Get Spytech SentryPC support 27 Chatting right now

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Spytech SentryPC Features

Organizations can monitor the activities of the entire workforce live and check for any discrepancies.
The software provides a centralized access to all the PCs in the office network for easy and quick monitoring.
Spytech SentryPC takes about 30 seconds to install.
This employee monitoring software offers a key logger that consistently tracks all the keystrokes of the employee in real-time.
This software allows managers to capture employee’s screen in case of any unauthorized activity.
Spytech SentryPC manages a security log to record all the breaches made the employees with date, time, and type of breach.
The software allows users to track the file usage by employees through a “File usage log.”
Spytech SentryPC can track the time for which an employee is using the PC.
Organizations can use this employee monitoring software to check how much time an employee has spent on work-related tasks.
The software provides direct access to the employee’s PC, which allows IT teams to block websites and applications.
This employee monitoring software enables monitoring teams to view control the user’s PC in real-time.

Get Spytech SentryPC support27 Chatting right now

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Spytech SentryPC Specifications


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Spytech SentryPC FAQs

Here are the system requirements for Spytech SentryPC: 1. OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista (both 32 and 64-bit); or Mac OS X 10.6 or above 2. Hard Disk: 1 MB 3: Other requirements: email address, Web-browser, and internet connection.
Yes, Spytech SentryPC can only be installed on the computers with the employee’s authorization.
This employee monitoring software saves all the data on cloud.
Yes, Spytech SentryPC has a mobile app for both Android and iPhone for smartphone monitoring.
A demo before purchase for Spytech SentryPC is available at Techjockey. Please request a call to get the demo for yourself.

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