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About Stockpile

What is Stockpile? 

Stockpile is an online inventory management system software that ensures seamless connectivity across devices and platforms to facilitate continuous working. Business owners can create a comprehensive master list of items they are dealing along with the required additional information, such as storage condition, storage location, batch number, date of uploading batch, low stock alerts, etc. Stockpile fits like a glove in any operation as it enables users to create customized fields to make entries and work appropriately. 

Stockpile allows business users to handle their multiple branches from any location. It offers a multi-location license that can be used to manage the branches from anywhere. The software provides a flexible inventory management feature that is integrated with the sales process for efficient documentation of transactions, returns, damages, etc. 

What features does Stockpile offer? 

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Stockpile inventory management solution: 

  1. Multi-branch operation 
  2. Data transfer across API
  3. Scalability in features without upgradation
  4. Inventory planning 
  5. Currency preference 
  6. Vendor and manufacturer information 
  7. Minimum stock count

What are the benefits of Stockpile? 

Here are the key benefits of Stockpile:

  1. Stockpile streamlines the entire inventory management operation including multiple branches. 
  2. The inventory management software allows users to create customized fields for operation-related data entry. 
  3. Business owners can create a master list of all the items they deal in and add the manufacturer list for seamless working. 
  4. Stockpile inventory management solution uses the multi-attribute based reporting system for efficient management of finances, workflow, and employment assessment. 

Why companies use Stockpile?

The most prominent feature of using Stockpile is that it is a freeware. The software is completely free to use. In addition to that, the inventory management software does not have a limit for storage. Business owners can add an unlimited amount of items, contacts, etc. Business owners can also integrate Stockpile with their APIs for seamless data transfer and automated inventory updates on the checkout of goods. The software generates a cumulative report of all the branches for simplified viewability. 

Sold By : Canvus Applications

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Stockpile Features

Stockpile is designed to monitor all the activities of an inventory from filling to sales to refilling, every minute aspect is measured through the software. 
Businesses with return policies can make use of this feature for handling the return of sold goods. 
The inventory management solution allows business owners to track sales of all the goods and track defective pieces per batch with efficiency for financial assessment. 
This software generates alerts and notifications for various purposes such as low stock, payments, etc. through SMS and emails. 
Business owners can save all the contact details with the required annotations in Stockpile. 
The software assists in efficient managing of warehouse storing facilities. Users can add personalized entries for storage areas to track the movement of goods more efficiently. 
This inventory management software runs detailed analytics on inventory activities and generates reports to provide quality insights to enhance the workflow. 
Stockpile allows users to create self-service portals for employees to manage their daily tasks seamlessly.

Get Stockpile support37 Chatting right now

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Stockpile FAQs

A. Stockpile is fully compliant with GST guidelines and records all the transactions in adherence to it.
A. No, Stockpile is a completely free-to-use software. There are no hidden charges involved.
A. Click on “settings” option in the header. Select “Manufacturers” from the drop-down list and click on it. You will see the option “New Manufacturer.” Click on it provide the details and finally click on “Add” button to save it.
A. Yes, Stockpile has a customer support system built in the software that can be accessed at any time.
A. Stockpile is available for Android users only as of now. Please watch this space for more updates.

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