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About Talkdesk

What is Talkdesk?

Talkdesk is an innovative cloud-based customer contact center solution. The software provides best-in-class tools to the companies so that their agents can remain connected with their customers without any disruptions. Talkdesk enables its users to deploy a flexible cloud contact center solution within 24 hours. The software also has an academy, known as Talkdesk Academy, which provides training and certificates to the user’s agents. With Talkdesk Boost, users can keep their on-prem ACD and allow agents to work from any preferable location. Talkdesk ensures that users can continue with their business at times when their agents can't come to the office.

How does Talkdesk provide a complete solution to customer engagement?

The software provides the broadest suite of native apps, helping users deliver outstanding customer experiences, thus building greater brand loyalty. It ensures that all the transitions across digital and phone channels are smooth and glitch-free. The customers will never have to repeat their information asked by users. Talkdesk also makes sure that while its users are communicating with their customers, the voice quality is crystal clear. You can even make customizations as per your requirements to reflect your brand culture. With Talkdesk, businesses can get connected with their customers through all possible channels, irrespective of time and place. The omnichannel includes SMS, chatbots and other popular messaging apps.

Pricing of Talkdesk

The pricing of the software is available as per the unique needs and requirements of the customer. If you are interested, you can drop in a callback request. You will also receive guidance regarding the product’s activation key. In case you are already using Talkdesk and are looking for license renewal, our customer care team is there to help you.

Latest Version of Talkdesk

The latest version of the software, V3.12 was released on 7th April 2020. Its unique features include -

  1. Users can now relate all their inbound or outbound calls to their Salesforce accounts and manage leads, contacts, cases and opportunities in real-time.
  2. The advanced search functionality along with intelligent algorithms of Talkdesk helps users in choosing the correct entity with which they can relate.
  3. A new salesforce dialer is included using which you can automatically dial down a list of Salesforce records. You can even pause and resume the call list while it is being dialed.
  4. As an admin, you can generate the specimens of Talkdesk Activity data as per your requirements.

Compatible Platforms of Talkdesk

Talkdesk is a web-based software. It can be accessed from Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS devices.

What are the benefits of using Talkdesk?

The software offers a wide variety of features which are beneficial to its users -

  1. Simple Setup: Users can connect Talkdesk with 30+ contact center software integrations by using their own account information.
  2. Automate Workflows: The software automates call center workflows, thus saving the valuable time of representatives who don’t need to worry about repetitive tasks.
  3. Talkdesk Agent: With the software, users get the flexibility to handle client calls from anywhere or on their desktop.
  4. Timely Synchronization: The software automatically synchronizes the data of the clients and displays it on the user’s desktop screen.
  5. Performance Tracking: Talkdesk provides intelligent dashboards with which the supervisors can track the engagement rate of their employees. They can also automate team challenges to promote peer recognition.
  6. Keyword Detector: The software is equipped with advanced speech analytics and keyword detector, which helps users gain insights about their client’s sentiments. They can use the keywords to analyze current business trends and make important business-related decisions.


Get Talkdesk support 37 Chatting right now

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Talkdesk Features

With Talkdesk, users can seamlessly manage the experience of their customers across all the touchpoints of their journey. The software ensures that the transitions across digital and phone channels are smooth and hassle-free.
The software offers advanced tools and features to its users, allowing them to schedule, forecast and conduct quality checks for agents, supervisors and other staff working under them
The advanced integration tools provided by Talkdesk helps increase business productivity and improve customer satisfaction level at the same time.
With Talkdesk, users get access to a wide variety of historical reports in real-time and make significant business decisions based on that. It also offers customizable dashboards and coach agents to its users so that they can monitor their performance and improve it.
With Talkdesk, users get flexible deployment options, cloud-based communication systems, cloud-native architecture, open API, 50+ out-of-the-box integrations all within a single platform.

Get Talkdesk support37 Chatting right now

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Talkdesk Specifications


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Talkdesk FAQs

A. The predictive dialer of the software allows users and their agents to connect with current and potential clients with ease. They can use the proactive notification feature of the dialer to send relevant and personalized notifications to their clients via SMS or phone.
A. The software enables users to provide proactive coaching to their agents in order to improve their performance. Talkdesk also provides a complete set of intelligent reporting and monitoring features to its users, enabling them to keep a track of their agents’ performance and client satisfaction.
A. Yes, techjockey provides live demo of Talkdesk software. You simply need to send us a demo request as per your preferred time and date.
A. Talkdesk is a web-based software that needs the following system requirements: ? Google Chrome ? RAM: 4GB ? Processor: Intel i5/ AMD Ryzen 5 processor
A. Talkdesk has a mobile application known as Talkdesk Mobile Agent, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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