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About Tcs Ion

What is TCS iON?

TCS iON is a cloud-oriented software for small and medium-sized businesses. It caters to the daily needs of manufacturing industries. The manufacturing erp software aids in various aspects of operations. TCS iON manufacturing software provides features that fix the core process of your manufacturing workflows. It helps in boosting your efficiency and reducing the time spent in managing repetitive and tedious works. This includes document saving, supervision of projects, employee database, etc. 

TCS iON erp software has a seamless integrating system. Organizations can use TCS iON with their current APIs and work without any inconvenience. It is a great manufacturing software to have in your workplace for smooth workflows.

Who are the targeted customers of TCS iON?

TCS iON is a software designed to improve the workflows of manufacturing companies. It could be anything from pharmaceutical to mechanical parts. The software works smoothly and helps achieve accentuated progress. 

What are the modules available in TCS iON?

TCS iON offers three different modules:

  1. Process Industry: Process Industry module also utilizes high-end BPM designing for seamless production.
  2. Automotive Component: This module encapsulates best in class shop floor practices and JIT delivery. 
  3. Pharmaceutical: Pharmaceutical module is utilized by companies that are into production of medicines on a mass scale. It facilitates efficient supply chain management and R&D work. Additionally, it helps in staying compliant with all necessary industry guidelines from India and abroad. 

All these modules are available on both cloud and on-premise type deployment. 

What is the price of TCS iON?

Interested buyers can request a call and state their requirements such as modules required, type of operations, size of operations, etc. Our sales team will contact you with all the required details and solve any other query you have regarding software.

Sold By : TCS

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Tcs Ion Features

TCS iON manufacturing software saves all the important documents of your manufacturing organization. It gives you access to it for auditing and other check-ups.
This manufacturing software allows you to create projects and monitor them separately. The software gives detailed insights about the performance of the project and how individual teams are performing. 
Organizations can use TCS iON to create simulation models for business process management. 
The dashboard feature gives you a solid birds eye view of the entire operation. It gives you a better picture of how the organization is performing and helps in identification of pain points. 
The software is great for checking sales performance and optimizing the manufacturing process.
Every manufacturing industry manages a inventory of their raw material and finished goods. This also aids in smooth supply chain workflow of the manufacturing unit. 
TCS iON manufacturing software stores all the information of the employees and work seamlessly. It saves other details such as past work experience documents and designation. 
Access accounting software offers detailed view into the movement of your manufacturing unit with transparency. The accounting management also generates cashflow statements, balance sheets, tax sheets, tax return statements. 
The software manages distribution channels and also process important documents such as proof of delivery statement. 
TCS iON manufacturing software offers compliance with regulations, safety guidelines, etc. It helps in boosting safety, reliability and production effectively. 
Employee assessments can be done on the basis of their work with TCS iON. The manufacturing software facilitates work supervision for all the employees in the workplace. 
The software assists in managing the contact of your vendors for ease of procurement of all the raw materials for the manufacturing unit. 

Get Tcs Ion support17 Chatting right now

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Tcs Ion FAQs

A. TCS iON does not support the following micro-verticals at the moment: 1. Ceramic 2. Textile 3. Leather & Footwear 4. Furniture & Fittings 5. Timber
A. Currently, TCS iON manufacturing software supports organizations that has 10-600 employees.
A. Yes, TCS iON supports multiple foreign currencies. The manufacturing software also make automatic adjustments as per IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).
A. Yes, the admin has the power to assign different permissions to different users in the same instance. This feature aids in regulating access to transactions.
A. TCS iON manufacturing software generate four major type of reports. All reporting is done is done in these format only; they are: 1. Pre-Configured Reports (PCR): These are reports with pre-built columns and standard set of filters. These reports are obtained by “Generate Reports” Menu within the application. 2. Drill Down Reports (DDR): These reports have seeded columns and standard set of filters. These reports are gathered with the help of “Drill-down reports” menu in the application. Users can create templates for these reports to get customized results. 3. On-Demand Reports (ODR): These reports are available in Reports and Communication module. Users are able to design and schedule these reports according to their requirements. Pre-defined templates will be made available to users, as default configuration. 4. Out Bound Reports (OBD): These reports resemble the print formats required for reports sent to auditing bodies and various non-organizational bodies, i.e. print format for PO, SO, SI etc. Numerous Standard formats are offered, out of which customers can pick according to their choice.

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