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About Tollfreeforwarding

What is Tollfreeforwarding?

Tollfreeforwarding is a telecommunication software that gives global businesses instant access to existing and new customers through a rich stock of international phone numbers. It is suitable for clients who believe in the motto of ‘business without borders’. One can manage their business locally through the software’s large stock of local phone numbers that their customers can recognize and call comfortably. 

The enterprise-grade powerful network of the software delivers hundreds of reliable calls every day. The proprietary call systems help clients operate efficiently. All the numbers provided by the software come with call forwarding features such as Simultaneous and Sequential Ringing, Time and Day Routing, International Call Forwarding and many more. Tollfreeforwarding comes with PBX features like Customizable Voice Menu, Fax2MyEmail, VoiceMail2MyEmail, unlimited extensions, and many others.

How can clients reach you any time through the software?

A toll-free number always grants access to the customers to call you from anywhere in the world free of cost. The software gives companies a presence in a particular city online. One gets to experience a plethora of features such as time and day scheduling, international call forwarding and many more, without having to shell out extra. 

Users can use the software’s round-the-clock control center to set up their number that they intend to forward to any office, call center, home line or PBX. This negates the location factor as customers can connect with your customer service agents without worrying about the call cost associated with an international call. 

How can users build trust with customers through Tollfreeforwarding?

Tollfreeforwarding comes with multi-language support - the primary requisite of any call center business - and it helps chat with one’s customers in their native language. The software comes with inbuilt international toll-free numbers that allow you to reach out to a wider customer base. Additionally, this helps establish trust between businesses and their customers. 

You can deliver the message to your customers and take care of their needs, thus establishing your business as a multinational organization. Companies having toll free numbers have a better chance of selling their goods and reaching out to customers. The software possesses multiple toll-free numbers for both local as well as international purposes to achieve the desired results. Being a cloud-based system, it helps improve communication with your clients as well as customers.

Pricing of Tollfreeforwarding

The pricing of Tollfreeforwarding software is completely customizable and is available as per the needs of your customers. You can request a callback to know about the pricing in detail.

How does Tollfreeforwarding help to set up new offices?

The software offers virtual phone numbers to over 120 countries that customers or clients can access from both landlines as well as mobile phones. Users do not need to buy expensive new equipment or bear the cost of set-up. One simply needs to choose a number from the inventory where he or she wants the presence of the business and get it activated in a minute. Tollfreeforwarding lets you add or delete numbers and cancel them any time as there isn’t any long duration commitment.

Sold By : TollFreeForwarding.com

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Tollfreeforwarding Features

The software comes with a feature of international call forwarding without bearing any extra cost. You can also set up your number that you wish to forward to any existing office, call centre or PBX.
Tollfreeforwarding has extensive hosted PBX features like IVR to upgrade telecom services and ensure customer satisfaction. You can resolve customer queries by asking them to press “1” for sales, “2” for technical support, and so on.
One can manage day-to-day tasks and schedule them accordingly using this software.
Tollfreeforwarding assists users to record calls of customers for internal training purposes and for future reference, so as to provide them with better solutions.
You can view detailed information regarding calls made to the software’s phone number. This enables one to learn about the call habits of customers and make decisions on outbound sales.
This feature enables users to receive voicemail in the form of attachments in the mails that are to be forwarded to one or more members of the team. All of them can be played later from the message centre.
 You can choose from a rich inventory of toll-free or local numbers across more than 120 countries. Additionally, one can activate the number in a matter of seconds.

Get Tollfreeforwarding support36 Chatting right now

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Tollfreeforwarding Specifications


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Tollfreeforwarding FAQs

A. The software allows you to choose a local or a toll-free number from its extensive inventory that helps you to reach over 120 countries. You can also activate a number in 60 seconds.
A. VoiceMail2MyEmail feature of Tollfreeforwarding enables you to receive voicemail attachments in the emails that you intend to forward to your team member(s). You can play all of them by downloading them from the message centre.
A. Real-time reporting enables users to track detailed information about the calls made to their Toll-free number. This helps to learn about customer call behaviour regarding sales.
A. IVR feature of the software helps greet your customers and provides an interactive menu, through which customers can choose the type of query.
A. This feature enables users to always handle customer calls without missing out on any of them. Users can dial multiple phone numbers concurrently or in a particular order to remain available at all times.

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