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Trackier (vNative)

Sold by : CloudStuff Technology


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About Trackier (vNative)

What is Trackier?

Trackier is marketing software for small advertisement teams and organizations. It assists them in tracking the performance of advertisements. The marketing software facilitates the creation, automation, measurement, and optimization of all campaigns and promotions in one place. 

Trackier streamlines all activities for marketing teams or organizations. The software has an integrable interface that works with lead generation software to detect fraud clicks. Trackier provides accurate leads for better performance assessment. 

What features does Trackier offer? 

Trackier offers the following features to ease daily workflows: 

  1. Real-Time Data Statistics 
  2. Pixel and Postback Integration 
  3. Software Customization 
  4. Smart Caps Management 
  5. Performance Assessment (for teams and projects) 
  6. Geo-Based Pay-out
  7. TIER-Based Pay-out of the publishers 
  8. Fraud Detection 
  9.  Ad Network Integration 
  10. Two-Way API Management
  11. CSV Bulk Upload for Offline Campaigns

What is the price of Trackier? 

Trackier marketing software is available in three different plans; these are: 

  1. Pro – Rs. 21,500/- per month 
  2. Agency – Rs. 35,900/- per month 
  3. Enterprise – Price on Request 

Tackier charges extra Rs. 1.50/- per conversion. For more information, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Sold By : CloudStuff Technology

Get Trackier (vNative) support 23 Chatting right now

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Trackier (vNative) Features

Trackier works on all devices. It can be used on Windows and Mac OS PCs. 
This marketing software produces performance reports on all the marketing campaigns running by the organization. It offers details about every individual ad campaign. 
Trackier automatically checks the credibility of the links in advertisements. If the link is not credible, the software disables the campaign. 
Organizations can manage multiple advertisement campaigns in real-time. 
The software automates and manages numerous marketing campaigns. Trackier also evaluates the performance of the marketing campaigns managed. 
Trackier assists in managing social media campaigns with detailed insights about performance and pain points. 
This software supports multiple Indian languages for easy operability and manages campaigns in different languages. 
Manage campaigns commissioned to different teams effortlessly. 

Get Trackier (vNative) support23 Chatting right now

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Trackier (vNative) Specifications


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Trackier (vNative) FAQs

A. Conveyance fee is an extra transaction fee charged during currency conversion or direct bank transfer. The conveyance charge is 5% to 9% by the total amount of the client’s expense.
A. Trackier utilizes Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services to manage all the personalized data.
A. Trackier does not share user data with any third-party organization.
A. Trackier is a web-based software that is accessed via the web browser. Hence, there are no necessary system requirements to run this marketing software efficiently.
A. Currently, Trackier is not available for iPhone. Only a mobile app is available for Android smartphones.

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