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About Vakildesk

What is Vakildesk?

Vakildesk is a law firm software that has all the integrations and features that a legal firm, lawyer or legal department needs to run a successful practice and generate maximum profit efficiently. This software comprehensively manages the hectic task of case management in considerably less time. Vakildesk manages legal cases with authority in India and is the most suitable one for legal professionals as it comes with over 50 features. 

You can achieve comprehensive law management with this software. It simplifies and streamlines legal operations through its add-on features such as Steno, OCR and Case assignments. The software also offers rich insightful analytics on legal problems and helps tide over the crisis.

How does Vakildesk help your legal firm reach great heights?

The software comes with an intuitive dashboard with metrics. It enables one to monitor and track all the business metrics and key performance indicators in a single place. You can manage every detail of a case through this interactive dashboard. The software allows users to sync court cases directly with the dashboard in a few clicks. The cloud-based legal document manager helps keep one’s firm organized and enables him or her to safely communicate with the clients from anyplace and anytime. 

The auto-update feature of the software helps a user to always stay updated on every court case. The software also comes with lawyer-centric calendaring to organize your day and month and synchronizes with every part of your legal practice. Vakildesk automatically posts every court matter and the to-do dates on the calendar. It also comes with an inbuilt advanced reminder system to allow you to set alerts and not miss out on any deadline.

How does Vakildesk Effectively Manage Cases and Provide Analytics?

The software enables you to effectively achieve case management by spending very little time on the hectic task. Vakildesk effectively manages legal cases in the country with flawlessness. There are over 50 features that smoothen the task for legal professionals. It empowers law management with complete authority for your clients. The software has ready-made tools to improve one’s legal work. It comes with a plethora of features such as RPA for case research in over 20 courts in India, subject-based multiple case comparison, updates on the latest Supreme Court verdicts, Indian Legal Formats, Bar Acts and many more.

Pricing of Vakildesk

There are 3 pricing plans available for this software. These are:

  1. Solo: This plan comes for Rs. 6,499/- per year.
  2. Firm: The price of this plan is Rs. 11,999/- for a year.
  3. Enterprise: The pricing of this plan is available on request. You can contact us for any further updates in pricing.

What makes Vakildesk unique from others?

The software assists in speech-to-text conversion by machine learning. With this procedure, users can convert speech into legal drafts easily. To recognize speeches, the software uses neural network algorithms which deliver the most accurate results. It recognizes both Hindi and English and accurately punctuates transcriptions. 

The software assists users to create their own repository based on Cloud for distribution as well as storage of documents. You can manage your legal documents easily with the software’s fine-grained permission system, crypto keys, e-sign and verification and workflows. One can integrate the software to his or her legal firm through an easy-to-use interface.

Sold By : Vakildesk

Get Vakildesk support 29 Chatting right now

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Vakildesk Features

The software provides comprehensive legal management by collaborating cases in real-time, managing tasks with to-do lists, adding invoices and recording expenses, etc.  
Vakildesk comes with certain tools that improve the legal work. RPA for case research in over 20 courts, subject-based multiple case comparison, etc. are done through the software.
 The software helps users manage and streamline cases, synchronize contacts, organize a team and track legal expenses.  
Users can keep their firm organized through a Document Manager that is based on Cloud.  
You don’t miss out on any court case as the software auto updates all court cases in real time.
The all-in-one dashboard helps one to monitor and track business metrics and key performance indicators in a single place.
The inbuilt lawyer-centric calendaring feature of the software organizes one’s day, month or week and synchronizes every part of his or her legal practice.
Users can securely communicate with their clients with role-based permissions.

Get Vakildesk support29 Chatting right now

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Vakildesk Specifications


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Vakildesk FAQs

The software collaborates cases in real-time, adds invoices and records expenses, as well as manages tasks with to-do lists, thereby helping in effective legal management.
The lawyer-centric calendaring feature that is already there in the software helps one to organize the day, week or a month and sync every part of his or her legal practice.
Vakildesk auto-updates cases and court proceedings in real-time, thereby allowing you to always stay updated.
The software comes with a document manager that is cloud-based to help you manage your legal documents and organize your firm accordingly.
You can manage and streamline cases, organize a team and synchronize contacts through Vakildesk. This helps in the smooth management of your law firm.

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