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About Virgin Plus

What is Virgin Plus? 

Virgin Plus is a clinic and hospital management software designed for the Indian healthcare market. It is a solution powered by artificial intelligence to automate and simplify the daily tasks of medical professionals. The software helps in the management of In and out visiting patients. It allows medical staff to keep a handy record of the recurring patients for better inference of their health complications. 

Virgin Plus also offers features for the admin staff of hospitals to improve the workflow of non-medical processes as well. It has a well-built module that enables legal departments to handle medical cases and automatically generates police information letter for immediate action. Plus, it maintains an MLC register that assists in tracking all the cases and their progress seamlessly. 

Why Clinics and Hospitals Prefer Virgin Plus?

Virgin Plus has an exceptionally simplified user interface which makes it easy to learn and master. It doesn’t require much typing and computer experience which makes it preferable for medical facilities to deploy and manage their daily activities. Virgin Plus software is easily scalable that enables users to add and remove features according to their necessities and operational size. Hospitals can digitally manage in and out-patients seamlessly. It also keeps a thorough record of the patient medical history, which doctors can access from anywhere at any time. 

What features does Virgin Plus offer? 

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Virgin Plus: 

  1. In and outpatient management 
  2. Billing and accounting 
  3. Lab module 
  4. Registers and reports 
  5. Schemes and insurance 
  6. Medico-legal cases 
  7. Digital records 
  8. Free training 
  9. Multi-device accessibility

What is the price of Virgin Plus? 

Virgin Plus price starts at Rs. 25,000/- per year. 

Sold By : TECHasitis

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Virgin Plus Features

Hospital staff can record all the information of the visiting patients and appoint them to available doctors without wasting the time on physical registers. 
This hospital management software offers integration with all the lab processes to manage lab reports and data entry. 
The software generates important operational reports on various aspects of the hospital. It provides detailed insights on the workflow. 
Virgin Plus allows the hospital staff to handle all the payments that are covered under government programs and insurance plans. 
 Legal departments of the hospitals can use Virgin Plus to create a directory of all the cases and track their progress. 
The software allows different departments of the hospitals to maintain the record of all their health, financial, and legal changes digitally for operational convenience. 
Virgin Plus provides free training for the medical and non-medical staff to learn how to use the software. 
This hospital and clinic management software uses secure cloud-based storage platform for operational ease. 
The staff can maintain all the information of the hospital in the software, which can be accessed digitally.  
Virgin Plus offers a 24x7 support where users can reach out for support through phone call. 

Get Virgin Plus support32 Chatting right now

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Virgin Plus Specifications


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Virgin Plus FAQs

Virgin Plus has a mobile application which is only supported by Android.
Virgin Plus is a web-based software that can be quickly accessed through internet browser.
Virgin Plus does not support home support deployment. It is a completely cloud supported system.
Virgin Plus is available for demo before purchase at Techjockey. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.
Yes, Virgin Plus offers scalable solutions that can be used for both small clinics and large hospitals.

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