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IVR Studio

Sold by : Voicent Communications


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About IVR Studio

What is IVR Studio?

IVR Studio is an Interactive Voice response solution that offers superior quality voice call experiences to its users and their clients. The software features a wide variety of menus and options, enabling its users to build a fast, logical and lucid navigation-based phone system. To fit the standards of the internet and enable independent developers to meet their business requirements, the software allows integration with custom-developed Java classes and existing websites. Most Importantly, IVR Studio is equipped with a point-and-click call flow design that can be easily installed. Further, users can customize their services as per the client’s needs by using the prompt and record feature of the software. 

What is Inbound and Outbound IVR?

Interactive Voice Response or IVR helps its users automate the interaction between telephone callers. There are two types of IVR, such as:

  1. Inbound IVR - It manages all the incoming calls and is mainly used for business phone systems equipped with auto-attendant, music on hold, automatic call routing, and 24/7 self-service. The majority of IVR Systems are designed for inbound calls.
  2. Outbound IVR - It manages the outgoing calls and is mainly used for reminder calls, conducting surveys through telephones, and for managing notification related calls.

Pricing of IVR Studio

The pricing of IVR Studio is available at the request of interested buyers. You can request a callback from our product expert team, who will offer the support regarding IVR Studio activation key. 

Compatible Platform of IVR Studio

IVR Studio is a cloud-based software which is compatible with Windows 2003, XP, 2008, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 operating systems. It can also be used in mobile phones that have VOIP and internet services enabled within them. 

Benefits of using IVR Studio

  1. Accurate call routing along with minimized wait times: The software reduces the call waiting period for callers by routing the calls to available agents in an automatic manner.
  2. Improve loyalty of customers: Prompt-and-record feature offered by the software enables its users to customize every call and caller self-service in accordance with the needs of their customers.
  3. Increase business agility: The IVR business phone system helps live agents answer repetitive questions quickly based on previous answers.
  4. Enhanced call quality: The software gathers information from the caller before connecting them to the live agent to minimize their call duration and also to improve the quality of support provided to them.

Sold By : Voicent Communications

Get IVR Studio support 15 Chatting right now

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IVR Studio Features

The software is equipped with an easy point-and-click IVR system configuration that works on any device, without the requirement of any specialized hardware.
IVR Studio automatically records user information into its CRM. It also features a speech recognizer and supports touch-tone, speech command response and digit response.
Users can connect the software with local databases and web servers. They can also protect the information with passwords.
One can make and receive multiple calls at the same time through the software. It is scalable up to over 1000 phone lines/channels.
Inbound IVR enables users to create call-in surveys along with features such as music on hold, dial by extension and ACD Call Routing.
IVR Studio supports multilingual text to speech, playback, pre-recorded audio files and combination of TTS and audio files.
The software enables users to record live voice calls between customers and their agents. They also get the option to send call recordings via email for further use.
IVR Studio supports automatic call forwarding and the call waiting queues with the music on hold feature.
The software allows its users in planning dial out phone surveys and also deliver customized reminders and notifications to their clients.
Users get access to multiple prompts and paths in the IVR menu design, drag and drop IVR builder tools along with IVR GUI.
Users can pull data from external web servers by integrating with various CRM systems such as ZohoCRM, SugarCRM, and Salesforce CRM.

Get IVR Studio support15 Chatting right now

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IVR Studio Specifications


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IVR Studio FAQs

A. The software offers detailed reports to its users, enabling them to analyze multiple business-related parameters in real-time.
A. IVR Studio is used as an appointment reminder and also as a deployment platform for voice and text applications.
A. Techjockey provides an online demo for IVR Studio at your preferable time and date.
A. Yes, the software supports Voicent Bulk SMS/Texting software integration that enables users to send text messages in bulk.
A. No, IVR studio does not have a dedicated mobile application but can be used in various cellular devices.

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