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About Webtel WebGST

What is Webtel WebGST?

Webtel WebGST is an online web-based GST solution that helps you file and supervises your tax-related workflows. The software comes with a learning and training guide to give you a comprehensive knowledge of taxation and how to file it. It makes taxation easy to understand for novices and offers software that is easy to use for experts.

Webtel WebGST makes your tax workflows look effortless and saves a great deal of time. Webtel WebGST has a salient feature as the software acts as a consultant to your regular impact analysis on profits. Get ahead in your business and provide your clients with high benefits with Webtel WebGST.

Features of Webtel WebGST 

Webtel WebGST offers a wide variety of features, take a look at a few listed below: 

  1. Integrable System: Webtel WebGST integrates seamlessly with most accounting software completely free of cost. You can compute your taxes in the accounting software and use Webtel WebGST to file taxes.
  2. Strict Compliance: Webtel WebGST complies very strictly with every GST guideline, it covers from filing taxes to filing tax returns with regards to GST regulations. It also gives you an insight into what GST guidelines are necessary for your business.
  3. Consultation: Webtel WebGST helps you perform necessary calculations to do an impact analysis along with transaction structuring, working capital evaluation, and transitional provisions that are essential for tax reports generation
  4. Learning Modules: Webtel WebGST offers an e-learning module for novice users to get on board with basic taxation knowledge and get started.

Price of Webtel WebGST

Webtel WebGST comes at a flexible price that varies based on the user-oriented customizations. For further price-related queries, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you.

Sold By : Webtel Electrosoft

Get Webtel WebGST support 28 Chatting right now

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Webtel WebGST Features

Webtel WebGST enables its uses to categorize and reconcile all the mismatched invoices. Users can check the current status of uploaded invoices.
The software provides advanced features that are in full compliance with the GST regulations. Users can efficiently perform functions like filing tax returns, claiming funds and more.
This all-in-one GST software has smart tools that allow users to simplify GST returns and provide insightful reports. Users can easily summarize, rate reports and take adequate measures as per their needs.
The software has an intuitive dashboard that facilitates data synchronization from the maker to the checker. It also offers a detailed summary of all pending returns, invoices, filing statuses and more.
This GST software provides a systematic data backup and restoration facility. The users also get access to a live update system.
Users can easily file their GST returns in a few clicks by using Webtel WebGST.
Webtel WebGST offers a GST compliant platform, enabling its users to get their business registered as per rules and regulations.
With the help of GSTIN functionality, users can create or update GSTIN of their buyers and suppliers into the Accounting Master. They can also perform tax and accounting tasks successfully.
This all-inclusive GST compliant software features a wide range of import and export facilities. Users can easily export tax-related data from Tally or Excel. They can import data and upload them on government portals directly.
By using Webel Web GST, users can adjust and reconcile all the input tax credits based on inward and outward supplies. They can also create distribution and ISD master of input tax credit.
The software gets seamlessly integrated with the existing accounting software of the user.
Webtel WebGST software provides reports of all uploaded and pending returns. It also ensures an intuitive calendar update for all the upcoming GST returns and their due dates.
The software offers complete data security to users with password-protected sign-ins, anti-virus protection, backing up of accounting data, etc. It uses the highest standard of encryption technology.
The software is compatible with desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. It decreases the time of online return filing for its users.
Webel WebGST helps users in filing GST returns. It also assists them in creating GST invoices, maintaining import/export ledgers, recording expenses and managing different financial tasks.
The software allows users to backup and restore their data from time to time. It also provides a live update facility.  
Webel WebGST features a friendly user-interface. It provides detailed reports on pending and uploaded returns along with credit and debit notes.
Users can generate invoices and bills that are fully compliant with GST regulations. Users can also look into credit notes, recurring invoices, and more using Webel WebGST.

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Webtel WebGST Specifications


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Webtel WebGST FAQs

A. Webtel WebGST is prominently used by chartered accountants, tax professionals, retailers, etc.
A. Webtel WebGST is available for demo. You can avail it at the request of a call. Kindly request a call, and our sales team will contact you at the earliest.
A. Webtel WebGST has following system requirements: • Processor: Pentium 3 or above • Processor speed: 1 GB or above • OS: Windows 7 or higher • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB Free • Miscellaneous Requirements: Acrobat 9.0 or above • Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768 resolution
A. Webtel WebGST is a completely on-premise software.
A. Webtel WebGST supports a subscription-based payment method.

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