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About Whereby

What is Whereby?

Whereby is a browser-based best video conferencing software, that enables users to work from their convenient locations, connect with their clients and other teammates over video calls in a hassle-free manner. Users can create a conference room and host the meetings as per their business needs. With Whereby, users get to invite other people in their meetings by sharing a link with them via any social media platform of their choice. Most importantly, teams can share their individual work screens with each other to resolve a problem, create presentations, pitches for clients and for discussing workshop related ideas as well.   

How does Whereby simplify its user’s business operations?

Whereby simplifies its users business operations in the following ways:

  1. Facilitates Remote Work: Whereby eradicates all the distance-related barriers that can hamper its user’s business proceedings and collaborations. It ensures that the teammates and clients are just a video call away. Thus allowing the employees to balance out their work and personal life. 
  2. Reliable Stand-ups: Companies can schedule weekly or daily stand-ups. Whereby allows its users to customize their rooms as per their business needs. Users can create a designated room for their employees that will be available for them every time they need it.
  3. Helpful for External Communications: Whereby cloud based video conferencing software allows its users to host a meeting with their clients without having to download any extensions or supporting files on the client’s part. Thus, it is convenient and time-saving for both parties to connect with each other in real-time.   

Pricing of Whereby

Whereby is available with the following pricing plans: 

  1. Free: For personal use
  2. Business: ₹ 4574.84 on a monthly basis
  3. Pro: ₹ 761.84 on a monthly basis

You can request a callback from our product expert team, who will offer you support regarding activation and license renewal. 

Compatible Platforms for Whereby

Whereby is a browser-based tool that is compatible with platforms such as Google Chrome and other browsers. It is also available as an app that is compatible with iOS operating systems. 

Benefits of using Whereby

  1. The software allows its users to join or start a meeting with a click, and it requires no downloads or installation as it can be accessed across any browser of their choice.
  2. Whereby does not require any PIN numbers and allows the guest to join a meeting with the owner's approval. Guests are not required to login to Whereby.
  3. Users can add or invite more participants to the room by merely sharing a link of their meeting room with others via any social media platform.
  4. Users can expand their online meeting rooms, which can hold up to fifty members per call.
  5. Users can also share their screens with other team members to quickly generate workshop ideas, questions, presentations and pitch for clients.

Sold By : Whereby

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Whereby Features

The software allows its users to conduct online meetings with ease from anywhere around the world without any complication.
Users can make a virtual room and enjoy high-quality audio and video conferencing and discuss important business plans in an accurate manner.
Whereby allows its users to share their screen with team members in real-time. Thus, enabling them to avoid mistakes and find out relevant solutions.
This browser-based software can be accessed from any device. Whereby also features a dedicated mobile app for iOS users.
The software allows its users to restrict entry into a meeting room by using password protection, after which anyone seeking access will have to be approved by the room owner.
Whereby allows its users to access YouTube directly from their meeting room as per their business needs.
Whereby features an intuitive platform that can be operated by multiple users and admins. Thus, making it easy for large teams to collaborate with each other.
The video and audio meetings are encrypted by the software, which assures optimum security.
The software enables users to record, download, and share their meetings with their clients or team members who have missed a meeting.
By using Whereby, users can chat with each other via text, so that they can continue their discussions without interrupting the live meeting.

Get Whereby support29 Chatting right now

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Whereby Specifications


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Whereby FAQs

Whereby enables its users to integrate their business calendar with the software so that they can keep track of all the upcoming events and meeting dates in a proper manner.
Users can record their meetings with ease and also download and share them with those who have missed the meeting.
Yes, Techjockey does provide online demos for Whereby. You have to send us a request stating a preferable time and date.
Yes, Whereby allows its users to customize their meeting rooms by adding company logos and backgrounds of their choice.
Yes, Whereby has a dedicated mobile application to enhance remote work and is compatible with iOS operating system.

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