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About Workrig

What is Workrig? 

Workrig is a top of the class human resource management software, which helps organizations transform their workspace. The HRMS software plays key role in all workforce management tasks of the organization, including but not limited to: 

  1. Hiring
  2. On-boarding
  3. Employee evaluation
  4. Employee nurturing 
  5. Managing projects
  6. Daily attendance
  7. Salary calculation, and many more. 

How Does Workrig HRMS Help with Project Management?

This HR management software allows organizations to monitor their projects and portfolios efficiently. It helps in managing documents, tasks, and timelines of a project, and generate bills for business cases as per the requirements of the project. The task management module offers a cascading view of all the tasks that an employee must perform with its due status. 

How Does Workrig HRMS Help with Payroll Management?

Workrig provides an error-free payroll calculating module which simplifies and quickens the payroll processing related tasks for HR teams. It is a configurable system which requires very little human intervention as it pulls all the necessary data related to claims, loans, attendance, etc. from the database. 

Reasons to adopt Workrig HRIS software for Workforce Management

  1. Workrig offers a highly integrative interface and can be easily integrated with biometric devices and various other third-party applications. 
  2. This HRMS software has a multi-user interface which allows the entire workforce to operate with a single license. 
  3. This HRMS software provides intuitive scalability options which makes it suitable for organizations of all sizes. 
  4. Managers and employees can access the analytics and business intelligence reports for decision making. 
  5. Workrig HRMS provides a foolproof and highly layered security system, which protects data from cyber threats. 

Features of Workrig HCM software

Here is a quick overview of Workrig HRMS software features: 

  1. Time and attendance management 
  2. Payroll and compliance 
  3. Recruitment 
  4. Employee training 
  5. Geofencing 
  6. Task management 
  7. Analytical dashboard 

What is the price of Workrig HRMS software?

Workrig HRMS software price depends on the customer requirements, such as, size of the organization, number of employees, configurations, etc. Please request a call to get the exact price quote.

Sold By : Taskrig

Get Workrig support 13 Chatting right now

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Workrig Features

The software helps HR teams to sort resumes and hire the best possible candidates in a short time.
Organizations can enlist their projects and portfolios into the software and start delivering task to other employees from the software and track its progress.
This HRMS software helps organizations hire the best talent from the pool of candidates available.
Organizations can use this HRMS software to evaluate the performance of every employee in the organization for appraisal or incentive programs.
The HRMS software provides best in class time and attendance tracking of employees in real-time. Employees can mark their attendance from the software and verify it further with the help of geo-location.
HR teams can create a learning module for new joiners to get acquainted with the office environment and their work.
Organizations are provided with a training management module to provide employees proper training before they start working.
This HRM software can automatically calculate the salaries of employees by incorporating all the data related to leaves, absence, claims, loans, etc.
All the payroll calculation made by Workrig is done in full compliance with statutory guidelines of Indian law.
Employees who travel for office purposes can file for re-imbursement claims directly through the software.
The software offers seamless collaboration feature for employees working on same projects to interact and operate efficiently.
Organizations can save all their important documents on the cloud service provided by the HRMS software.
This HRMS software allows organizations/companies to enlist and track every single project they are working on.
All the attendance data along with incoming and outgoing time is listed in the timesheet for easy viewing.
The software offers detailed analytical and business information reports to help with better decision making.
Workrig uses industry-grade multi-layered security system to ensure the data safety of your organization.
This HRMS software has multi-user interface which allows all the employees to work through a single unified platform and report their work updates seamlessly.
The software has an integrated cloud support for data storage activities.

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Workrig FAQs

Yes, Workrig HRMS app is available for both Android and iPhone platforms.
Workrig complies with Minimum Wages Act, 1948, EPFO, and ESIC, among several others to ensure accurate payroll calculation.
No, Workrig has an in-built geolocation system which allows you to access the location of your inbound and outbound employee.
Yes, Workrig is available for a demo at Techjockey. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled for better product understanding.
Workrig uses AES 256-bit data encryption technology to protect the files from unauthorized access.

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