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About Wschool Online

What is Wschool Online?

Wschool Online is a cloud-based school management solution which helps schools to manage student’s attendance, registration, exam schedule, online classes and fee structure. The software aims to make students focus on the right content instead of irrelevant study materials. Wschool Online focuses on convenience-based training programs, enabling the students to access the software as per their convenience from any device. Further, the software offers separate panels for students, teachers and parents with specific features assigned to them.  

How does Wschool Online help improve communication with parents?

Wschool Online helps its users to bring their schools on a digital platform. Schools can publish online application forms on their school website, update necessary documents and generate digitized admission slips as well. The intuitive notification feature of the software enables the schools to notify the guardians about school-related events, holidays and payment due dates. Parents can give feedback and suggestions on multiple school-related operations. The GPS tracker allows them to find their child’s exact location. Further, they also get to monitor their child’s progress as all the exam results get published on the school’s website.

Pricing of Wschool Online

Wschools Online charges ₹ 39,999 on a yearly basis. If you want to use the school management software, send us a callback request. Our team will provide all the necessary support requested by you.

Compatible Platforms for Wschool Online

Wschools Online is compatible with all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It also has a dedicated mobile app for Android users.

What are the benefits of using Wschool Online?

  1. Intuitive Parents Panel: By using Wschool Online, parents get to track their child’s live location, communicate with the teachers or school’s management and monitor their child’s performance in an efficient manner.
  2. Advanced Feedback Section: The software features a separate feedback section for the parents to channelize their opinions on school-related issues. 
  3. Multiple Payment Gateway Support: Wschool Online supports multiple Payment Gateways, enabling the schools and guardians to accept and make payments for school-related events respectively.
  4. Birthday Reminder: The software keeps track of students’ birthdays and sends them wishes on that particular day. 
  5. Scheduled Alerts: Admins can update their work schedule within the software and it will send an automatic reminder accordingly.
  6. Online Certificate Generator: Parents can make online applications for transfer certificates and receive without having to visit the school in person.
  7. Daily Report Diary: Detailed reports provided by the software allows the school admin to keep track of their school’s progress and take adequate decisions from time to time.


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Wschool Online Features

By using the wide variety of tools offered by Wschool Online, users get to manage their student’s and staff’s attendance in an efficient manner.
School admins can schedule online class timings, integrate video tutorials on a particular topic, take online exams and forecast the results in a hassle-free way.
Admins can enrol new students in their school online and update the child’s information directly into the school server.
By using Wschool Online, users get to schedule exams on an online basis. Teachers can evaluate the answers and publish results in real-time.
Wschool Online helps the school admins to create a daily time table for their teachers and students, specifying all the subject matters and their classes needed in real-time.
Schools can send in payment reminders, list of upcoming holidays and information about school-related events to the guardians via SMS.
By using Wschools Online, users get to manage all student-related exams and update their results in an easy format along with adequate remarks.
Schools can plan and schedule multiple events and share those with their staff and students’ parents.
Parents can make applications to the school management requesting them to issue a transfer certificate for their child.
The inbuild vocabulary enhancer and dictionary within the software helps students enhance their English speaking skills.
Schools can plan out e-computer courses for their students with the help of this software.
Parents and school authorities can keep a track of the students in transit with the help of GPS navigation facilities offered by the software.
Wschool Online offers dedicated mobile apps for multiple school-related activities, enabling the authorities, parents and students to communicate with each other in a hassle-free way.
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Wschool Online Specifications


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Wschool Online FAQs

Yes, the advanced GPS Navigation feature within the software allows the admins and parents to track their school buses that are in transit all around the city.
Students get to view and monitor their daily attendance, exam results and also get access to the e-learning system offered by the software.
Yes, we at Techjockey do provide online software demo for Wschool school management software. You just need to send in a demo request along with the preferred date and time.
The teacher panel includes features like database management, student statistics and communication module.
Yes, Wschool Online app is available for Android operated mobile devices.

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