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About Ziperp

What is ZipERP? 

ZipERP is an innovative best ERP software for micro and small-sized enterprises. It offers cost-effective features that expedite all the workflows with efficiency. ZipERP software provides greater operational efficiency, control, and management. ZipERP software offers end-to-end tracking of expenses for efficient cost-cutting. Another key feature of ZipERP is the integrated HRMS and payroll module. It records and assists in monitoring the workplace efficiently. Managers can easily assign tasks to employees from the system and ZipERP will automatically report on completion. It saves all the documents of the business operation. E.g., it stores proof of deliveries for logistical operations.

Who are the targeted users of ZipERP? 

ZipERP offers support for the following industries:

  1. Manufacturing Operations
  2. Engineering Firms
  3. FMCG Companies
  4. Textile Industries
  5. Packaging Industries
  6. Trading Companies
  7. Pharmaceutical Firms
  8. Real Estate Companies

What features does ZipERP offer?

ZipERP software offers features like: 

  1. Accounting
  2. Inventory 
  3. Sales & Distribution
  4. System Administration 
  5. Purchase 
  6.  Production 
  7. Quality Control 
  8. Compliance Management
  9. CRM 
  10. Payroll 
  11. Reports

How is the Payroll Module managed by ZipERP?

The payroll management feature of ZipERP provides HR departments with fully customized solutions to manage the allied functions. This ERP system handles complete employee management solutions efficiently, ranging from attendance management, and maintaining employee details, standard salary structures and joining date.

By enabling the HR to monitor and track attendance, ZipERP helps in the salary generation of the employees based on the number of days served. The payroll module also generates the overtime served by an employee and formulates advance payment. This ERP system even generates real-time reports on bonuses, arrears, TDS deduction, PF Report, and ESIC forms. These reports help to generate and calculate the final settlement list of every employee.

The Usefulness of ZipERP in Businesses

ZipERP software is beneficial for several industries such as FMCG, engineering, textiles, pharmaceutical firms, and many more. The software facilitates the smooth flow of information between various business systems to carry out several operations seamlessly. With an efficient CRM module of ZipERP, users can connect with customers and suppliers easily, thereby enhancing trading operations and improving customer relationships.

Users can make quick business-oriented decisions as it focuses more on strategic planning rather than other byproduct issues. With this software, any business can achieve quick ROI with a low TCO, thus increasing the productivity of the organization.

What is the price of ZipERP Software? 

ZipERP software price varies based on customer requirements. Please request a call for more inquiries regarding the software. Our sales team will contact you shortly. 

Sold By : ZipBooks Software Solutions

Get Ziperp support 17 Chatting right now

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Ziperp Features

The software offers features that help in monitoring and proper management of financial books. 
This ERP software provides exemplary features for managing the inventory. It gives live update of all the items, along with insightful details about stock availability and sales. 
ZipERP ensures automated calculation for accounts payable. It checks all the information and generates the amount that is due to creditors.
Users can generate purchase orders and track the order till it is closed. 
All the sales related work is streamlined with ZipERP software.  It saves all the important information generated from leads like contact number, mail, product they are interested in, etc.
The dashboard of ZipERP provides access to all the features, reports, etc. Its dashboard also provides overview of the entire operations in real-time. 
ZipERP provides business-specific modules for manufacturing industries to cut costs and improve operational workflows. 
This feature keeps track of all your business contacts and campaigns. It is designed to capture incoming leads, and allows sales teams to take follow-ups, perform tasks, and create personal note.
The software provides day book to track all the financial activities over the day efficiently. 
The software monitors ledger reports and tracks every transaction.
This ERP software generates income statements that provide insights into the profit and loss of the business.
Business owners can manage contact with all the vendors and get information about the market performance through the software.   

Get Ziperp support17 Chatting right now

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Ziperp FAQs

A. We can arrange ZipERP demo for interested buyers to get a better understanding of the software. To avail the demo please request a call.
A. Yes, The software is available for Android smartphones.
A. ZipERP is a web-based software that can be accessed through the web browser on PC. Hence there are no further system requirements.
A. It uses cloud-based service for data storage, and allows flexible working and data accessibility.
A. Yes, ZipERP integrates with online payment gateways for payroll functions.

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